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   I transcribe my pictures manually on wooden panels.
   Art work which make you feel the warmth of wood.
   *The method to pay in this site is credit card payment and PayPal.
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The Wooden Transfer "Tojotei of Early Summer"

What's the Wooden Transfer?

    It is thing that transcribed my picture (copied by a laser printer) on the wooden panel.

    I repeat scrubbing unnecessary paper off the panel by a wet towel and drying it.

    So, paper peel off in some places, but that creates unique effects.

You can choose size and finishing process you like best.

    This product comes in three sizes; besides, you can choose gloss coating or matte coating about finishing process. I produce it after confirming the order receipt, so it will take a week at the longest to complete the products.

Wall hanging strings
There are wall hanging strings on the back side.